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Chances are if you found your way here, there is something yearning deep in your soul!


Being right here-right now- is not a coincidence; it is purposeful. 

I am a lifelong learner and a serial mission-driven entrepreneur who is ready to share all my secret sauces with you.


Are you ready to unleash that womanly super-power, ready to ignite that fire, be the change for the change in our community, as you build your legacy and make money doing it?


If so, then we got work to do! Let's do the work!


I am Dr. Lee McBryde-Nesbitt


My mission is to work with a tribe of High Achieving Smart Conscious Women and a Few Good Men to create a life of prosperity, build a legacy while creating change in this world through mission-driven experiences, entrepreneurship & activities. These transformational endeavors serve as the bridge from successful to significant. 

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