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Coaching Package

  • Do you have a lot of letters behind your name – but not a lot of dollars in your account?  

  • Are you such a high achiever that you are wondering so NOW WHAT IS NEXT/or you have that undefined yearning deep in your inner soul?  


It all becomes tiresome and overwhelming.
I get it.

Discovery Call.png

This 90 minute coaching session is for passionate and driven high achieving women.




  • Who are educated, experienced, and have superpowers but still don’t earn six-figures.   

  • Who have this deep inner yearning, and they can’t resolve the feeling.   

  • Who are high-achievers and believe they have reached the inner glass ceiling. 

- It is the right fit for you if you have been tugging with this gap for two or three months and are ready to find a solution. 


  • 90 Minutes of One-on-One Coaching session.

  • A Breakthrough Design Plan:  Identifying the existing non-supportive strategies presenting in your life or business.  

  • Discover the depth of what you are facing or dealing with and methods of resolution.

  • Determine your next best steps in terms of coaching. 

-This discovery call serves as a pre-requisite to 1-on-1 coaching with me.  This discovery call will help to identify your gap and determine if we can bridge the gap(s) together before discussing future or additional coaching packages. 

- I am looking forward to working together.  



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