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Greetings Good Folks!


I am Dr. Lee McBryde-Nesbitt

Mostly known as Coach Dr. Lee

I am a Credential Growth Coach, and as an army veteran, I have called several places home.  I am a True to the Heart Carolina Girl, with bonus "rooms" in New York, Charleston & Florida.  I love family & I like traveling, dancing, reading, forever learning, sunsets, and ocean water.  I affirm that every day is a good day! And there is always work to be done! So let's do the work!


  • We all have yearnings- which is a calling to be fulfilled with works of significance.  From successful to significant- if you are not there yet- let me help you with your mission-driven experiences, entrepreneurship, and activities.  Let’s Do the Work!

  • Women are on the edge of empowerment, and we are all trailblazers and pioneers.  We are fulfilling the dreams of our grandmothers - because society would not allow them to do it.  If you have not set the path for your grandchildren- Let’s Do the Work!

  • Women have a superpower that is contrary to the masculine influence of society.  Let me help you unleash your womanly superpowers.  Let’s Do the Work!

  • Principles of Growth serves as a guaranteed pathway to our new North Star.  Do you know and practice these principles? Nah- then Let’s Do the Work!

-I am down to earth, and I think I am funny!  Others would describe me as challenging, deliberative, and humble.  Many of the "Things" I have done in life has contributed to some level of joy.  What have I done – check the Bio (Bio link). The bio equips me to lead this critical work assigned to me by the Universe and Our Father.

That Aha Moment
From 2005-2008 I worked with over 300 educators to assess their beliefs, embrace their power, realize their purpose, create purpose chants, and personal/professional mission statements.  I measured these efforts and witnessed a change in that community.  Although I went on to do other mission-driven work, I often reflected in the rear-view mirror of the "significant work" of those 300ish women and want to do more of it.  Even at my highest- there was always a yearning.  Sometimes I understood the yearning, and other times I did not.

I realized for the longest that I love bringing the best out of others, enhancing communities, legacy work, and mission-driven entrepreneurship.  After this realization, I became a serial entrepreneur.  I also began studying resiliency, coaching, women, military, counseling, mindset, well-being, manifestation, & education.  As a doctoral student, I studied the self-efficacy and perception of educators.  When asked the question why- my answer is always "For my community, for the generations forth-coming."

Now I am coaching and strategizing with high-achieving smart, conscious women and a few good men worldwide.  I help them use that education, experience, and power to increase their life prosperity through mission-driven experiences, entrepreneurship, and activities.  I do this so they can leave a legacy and change their communities for forth-coming generations.

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