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Coaching Package

Breakthrough & Discovery Strategy Intensives offers both 1-day or 2-day sessions devoted to working on your mission-driven design plans for your venture. 

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Dr. Lee McBryde-Nesbitt guides mission-driven entrepreneurs through a proprietary strategy  (Breakthrough Entrepreneurship Blueprint) process, designed to offer clarity about where you are in terms of:

(1) Platform

(2) Competency

(3) Credibility

(4) Professionalism

(5) Synergy

(6) Finances

  • These strategies align with your future direction and focus and ensure your pathway is well defined. I take a tailored approach and craft each experience to the mission-driven entrepreneur's specific needs.

  • Most mission-driven entrepreneurs seek to invest more time working on their experiences. The reality is urgent. Day-to-day pressures receive the utmost consideration. More hours are worked doing less effective, lower-value activities, and higher stress levels are often experienced.  This pushes us further from making significant progress, shifts the client further and further off course from pushing past successful outcomes, making significant changes for the community, and generations forthcoming.

  • Mission-driven entrepreneurs work with me at all stages of their venture, and we tailor the Strategy Intensive to propel them to a level of significance!  As the first step in the Strategy Intensive process, I provide a thought-provoking questionnaire promoting clarity venture clarity in terms of the Breakthrough Design Plan.


  • A prep session is then held to review the questionnaire, clearly establish your design plan for the session, and then set an agenda. We then meet for the 1-day or 2-day Strategy Intensive and continue to adapt the session to maximize outcomes.

  • The result is that mission-driven entrepreneurs leave the session with a high degree of clarity about their design plan with measurable future goals and concise direction.  The blurry & haziness vision, along with the nebulous and indefinable goals, objectives, and ambiguity disappears.

  • Typically, several breakthrough experiences occur during this process, allowing the entrepreneurs to capture renewed insights leading to exciting new possibilities.  The overall outcomes are potentially more significant for mission-driven entrepreneurship with a clear focus and direction on achieving this new potential.

  • Speak with Dr. Lee McBryde-Nesbitt to learn more about Breakthrough Strategy Intensive Transformations for mission-driven entrepreneurship efforts.


               Strategy Intensive™
                   1-day - $1,500


               Strategy Intensive™
                    2-day - $2,800


Set up a Free 30 Minute FOCUS Call

with Dr. Lee to determine which Strategy Intensive will bring the best results for your company:

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