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Natural Greatness- It is you!

Natural Greatness

Do you display a quite by nature greatness? I believe primary natural greatness should be an honor. This type of greatness has nothing to do with fame, position, wealth, or prestige.

Natural greatness has everything to do with your contributions to the community and the character a person displays. Natural greatness is all about the way you live your life.

This type of greatness has nothing to do with what you have but is truly about who you are. It is more about the goodness radiating from the emotions in your face rather than the weight, name, and design of your business card.

Natural greatness speaks of a person's motives, purpose, and motivations beyond a person's talents, capabilities, and aptitudes. This type of greatness is rarely assessed and promoted because it is about humility and small and unpretentious actions, performances, and deeds.

In realizing natural greatness, we do not have to describe Abraham Lincoln, or Martin Luther King, yes, these people were great and their legacy lives on. We do not have to be an Oprah, Michelle, or Gayle- these individuals are not in reach of emulation.

Instead, we can speak of our Grannies and Papas, who daily demonstrate unconditional love. There is the Auntie around the corner who gives, gives, and never asks in return. The hard-working step-mother who understands her flaws but preserves with that challenging bonus child.

Lately, our every day naturally greatness individuals are beginning to be recognized for who they are – HEROES AND HEROINES. Thank you, janitor, for being essential and keeping us safe while you put your health at risk. Thank you, early educator, for putting yourself at risk, working up close and direct with children. Thank you, CNA, LPN, RN, and others in the healthcare field for taking care of those who cannot care for themselves. Thank you, grocery store workers, for keeping those shelves full, and truck drivers for bringing in the supplies.

Despite the negative and harmful noise vibrating the world, somehow, these individuals find ways to be resilient and contribute positively. This is because of who they are every day- they demonstrate NATURAL GREATNESS.

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