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Envisioning Ourselves Standing in our Super Powers

We all face conditions, situations, and settings that make us feel uncomfortable, powerless, and fearful.

When I was the Director of Children & Families, we often dealt with families and custody cases. I had a parent turned client who was frightened to appear and testify in an upcoming child custody hearing. Her ex-husband, his wife & his lawyer were intimidating to her. She was afraid of the legal system ripping away the stability she had created for her daughter- which was complicated as a single soldier.

My question to her was, "what would it take for her to feel strong and empowered in the courtroom?"

She answered jokingly that the only thing that will make me feel empowered is to become wonder woman herself with the super-powers you are always talking about. (I have been speaking to women & children about their superpowers for many years). I thought, now that is a super idea, and it came from her inner wisdom.

We worked with the concept of her being wonder woman; she even purchased the wonder woman catsuit.

She enjoyed creating scenarios of herself walking in the courtroom with a wonder woman's catsuit under her clothes. The thought of lassoing her ex-husband's new wife, if she mentioned being a stay-at-home mom, made her laugh out loud. She imagined her bracelets protecting her from the jabs and comments she would have to endure, about her choice of career, or her desire to date, etc.

When her court date came, she was prepared because she had empowered herself with the tools that lend her superpowers. Her Mindshift and exceptional mental imagery strengthen her & her superpowers. Standing confident in her superpowers- she felt empowered. Therefore, she was respected and treated as the powerful individual she was.

We are as strong and empowered as we envision ourselves to be. When we act and react within our superpowers, we become the powerful women we desire to be.

Embracing the bravery to see ourselves through the lens of strength, competence, and wisdom enables us to do what is required in leaning into our gifts, maximizing our impact, and providing mission-driven work. Sometimes we need help doing this

; we can move creatively through what intimidates us by accepting encouragement and coaching, whether through another individual, a higher power, or a wonder woman.

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