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Give Yourself a Gift

Sunday is a 42-year-old newly remarried mother of four teenage children. The normal for her has changed- just as it has for many folks. Everyone in this home expects her to be emotionally and physically strong and resilient- all while she continues to support and provide for them.

With less grown-folk connection and support from others outside of the home – helping others is becoming a daily struggle.

Sunday, recognized her feelings were starting to take action against her well-being, she looked for a way to boost herself throughout the day with a mental injection of positivity.

During her coaching sessions- Sunday created and worked out a plan for creating her self-care box. Revolutionary? I think not, but creating a self-care box is pragmatic, optimistic, preemptive, and proactive.

Sunday’s awareness was enhanced during her coaching sessions, she said, “I must serve as my advocate. My well-being must be my highest priority; otherwise, what I am contributing for my children and new husband will continue to drain me. Sunday expressed,

"My family is so worried and apprehensive about the future of the world, we all are, but if all I want to do is get away and shut out the world, I will not be able to do anything to help them."

Sunday’s self-care box is a humble but valuable gift to herself.

Her favorite chocolate (M& Ms) a quick read, scented candles, gentle reminders of great experiences &vacations with her new husband and children. Weekly love notes she has written to herself reminding her of her self-worth --- all became elements of simple care to get through stormy times.

Everyone’s experience of the epidemic has not necessarily been like Sunday’s experience.

Some people have been completely to themselves, and others have been surrounded by chaos.

Acts of self-care will vary for every person, family, couple, or community setup. Self-care is frequently seen as a genuinely feminine term; the term may be a term men might battle to get into or apply for the betterment of themselves. A concept that perhaps has run its course as wider society accepts the vital importance of robust mental health.

Recognize your emotion..exercise yourself...and your mind....Gift yourself a Self-Care Box.

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