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How Ready Are You to Show Up?

The communities need for us to show up. While the past year has been marked with the multiply chaos of global pandemic, racial reckoning, climate change. Among the mass-scale events are the innumerable personal ones: the intimate grief of lost loved ones, the stress of magnified unemployment, and the enduring anxiety about environmental disasters.

From a more widespread perspective, about 20 percent of the American population is experiencing a mental challenge. Four hundred fifty thousand more individuals considered suicide this year than last year. 57% of adults experiencing mental challenges are receiving not treatments.

In the past decade and in the uncertainty of a looming future, caring for ourselves has turned into a vital movement. We are more focused on nurturing ourselves mentally and physically, in real and lasting ways, than ever before.

Understand more clearly what self-care is and how it is evolving. It gives us insight into how we might practice self-care in our daily lives, including holistic approaches to healing the mind and healing the body, which take our identity into account.

There are helping professionals like coaches, counselors, educators, therapists, social workers, and healthcare workers who primarily focus is on facilitating mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. They seek to accomplish this from a perspective that centers on spirituality and addresses generational trauma, particularly for women.

I think of self-care as being rooted in our sacred ways of being – trying to return to the whole person.

You, I , We have been taught to compartmentalize our mental health, separate from our physical health, separate from our spirituality. And so self-care is about How do I bring these parts of me together so that I can be whole and so I can be well.

Another element of this self-care considers the responsibilities that individuals have to the communities to which they belong. Whether you are a person of color, black, brown, or white, woman, man, or a member of the LGBTQ community, you have responsibilities to your community. If we are not well, it will be difficult for us to show up for others, especially now. It’s going to be difficult for us to show up in the way that the world needs us to show up

My question for you today is...


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