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How Do I Kindle My Character Strengths?

How Do I Get To Where I Want To Be?

The answer is Character- You Don’t Wake Up With It You Build It?

Most of us lead, whether we are leading at work, church, home as a husband, or a

mother. No matter if you are military, educator, nurse, social worker, therapist,

or a different type of helping professional. Many folks can get the job done,

whatever that might be. There are those highfliers, go-getters, high achievers in

every industry. Today, in our world, competence is not an irregular quality. The

absolute best of these high achievers are recognized globally. Look around at

these go-getters, the personal character of these individuals is becoming vague.

Leaders of character are more concerned with doing the right thing than they are

in doing things right. Methods considered right but are not aligned with the right

motives are essentially shallow at best. Leading is not just about getting it done.

It is also about how it is done.

You want to bring your character strengths to the forefront of your life- and you

are wondering - how do I do that? Maybe you have not even considered that hey-

using these character strengths might serve beneficial to me. I am familiar with

four different routes; one might travel when on a character strength journey.

Reflecting, identifying, and observing character strengths, moving forward with

actions, and balancing the use of strengths are the different paths.

Being able to self-explore and self-reflect could be the best way to heighten

awareness of one's character. It has been for me. Sitting still, journaling, and

talking with others are great ways to answer reflective questions and reach

emotional "Aha moments."

Once you have had the "Aha" moment and identify with your strengths, it is

essential to observe others and understand how others use their strengths

effectively. Co-workers, mentors, role models are significant on your journey in

terms of you empowering your strengths. Creative people bring out the

innovative strength of you. If you are generally around high energy and good

people, the kindness and zest strengths may usually be heightened and


Being able to move past self-reflection and self- awareness to applying your

strength moves you forward with using your strengths. Strategy application for

character strengths is multifaceted. It is imperative to find the strategies which

work best for you. For example, if you are interested in boosting your curiosity

strength, you could ask direct questions- like "How do you feel about that?” or "Can

you share your thoughts with me on how we are experiencing 2020 history in the

making?" Now don’t just apply what you know – it is essential to monitor the

experiences you are creating with this process, to ensure balance.

Balance is the principal. One of your character strengths could be curiosity, but

surely, people will not be comfortable asking them their life story after knowing

them for a couple of hours. Being intense can result in an overuse of your

strengths, that can cause alienation. As well it is just as important not to

underuse your strength.

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