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Shift Your Mindset

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Greetings, Good folks- I am Dr. Lee, and I am a Growth Coach. I help people become prosperous in all areas of their lives- enhancing their POWERS & STRENGTHS- SO THAT THEY CAN LIVE OUT THEIR MISSION. When I speak of mission, I talk about the Work you are placed in this Universe. Today I want to chat you up for a few minutes about building a legacy with a daily mindset focus. When I speak about legacy, I am talking about how you will make a better society for you, your family, and your community, to help better society as a whole.

So you say- Dr, Lee what is it that makes you an expert on this. Well- I am comprehensive, authoritative knowledge on mission-driven Work, creating mission-driven experiences. I have done it repeatedly in terms of businesses and services, and I have helped many people, organizations, and churches do the same thing.

What I have experienced is that there are many different strategies to use to ensure success. You have your Pest, SWOT, & Michael Porter 5 Forces, as well as Myers-Briggs, DISC, Enneagram, and so many other assessments to use to put effective strategies in place to ensure success.

Strategies are just one element of success. In my opinion, having a daily MINDSET focus is the most critical element of success for a mission-driven individual. I do not believe we can stress this enough.

Yes, People must reprogram their mindset for success; the only way to do that is – to do that!

Usually, individuals must do a mindset shift to FOCUS on what they seek to implement or grow. You have heard me speak of prayers and affirmations. There are four other mindset-shifting methods I would like to share with you.

1. Act As If It Is So – I do not mean Fake until You Make It. "Act as if" is a way to rationalize the paradox that generates reality: we get what we want when we stop wanting. Once we drop the "wanting" and feel like we already have what we want, it comes to us. If I want to live a healthy life, I had to stop wanting it and start living a healthy lifestyle to feel healthy.

2. Gratitude- Being thankful & appreciative for everything we have. Gratitude can be practiced by:

a. Saying Thank You

b. Remembering what you appreciate most

c. Paying attention to your emotions

3. Journaling- I think I could probably do 25 reasons for journaling, but I will do three that help to shift your mindset:

a. It moves you forward towards your goals

b. It helps with the resolution of problems

c. It boosts your creativity

4. Visualization – Have you ever heard people say, "Imagine this"? You have to see it first

a. Visualization gathers your energy:

b. Fosters your missions

c.It enhances optimism.

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