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Updated: Jan 11, 2022

I somehow think the brain is the most amazing organ in our bodies.

Then I thought- Am I the only one who thinks this? I am embarking on a mission of challenging my current self-awareness, I have a desire to identify my cognitive biases according to my daughters there is plenty there to be challenged. These cognitive biases are often referred to as blind spots. In being my most authentic self I am seeking to continue to be EVER SO BOLD, I am realizing this must be done with my eyes wide open.

Where are your blind spots?

Our super powerful mindsets assume it knows better/best. Our mindset sometimes blinds us from standing in reality as it is, which causes us to be stubborn, unrelenting, & in our way of being & our actions. Let us not hide from these imperfections instead let us accept and use these imperfections to our advantage. Remember that start-legacy builders don’t fail, they learn. Shifting our mindsets, identifying blind spots promotes a culture of innovation.

Folks this is the Wake-Up Call to face up to some hard truths during this 2022 year & trash cognitive bias or place a lens on those Blind spots which prevent you from being your most innovative self. Are you making bold choices with your eyes wide open?

Do you know where your blind spots are?

Our current mindset often blinds us from standing in reality & trick us believe we already know all things that we need to know to make a specific judgment or to be innovative in our thought process. These assumptions are unfounded & preventive of arousal creative thinking.

Uses the Blind Spot Boxes (Sunglass Lenses) to identify & overcome those blind spots. Begin to remove and set new lens on those blind spots by contemplating what you might overcome through some of your biases. This simple activity is to promote self-awareness & help you gleam a little light on your imperfections, to promote a better culture of innovation.

-Dr. Lee McBryde-Nesbitt

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